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Chris Brown visited by Child Services After Arrest

Chris Brown visited by Child Services After Arrest

No stranger to controversy, Chris Brown recently found himself the target of a visit by child services.

Just a few weeks ago, the emergency services were called to Chris Brown’s LA pad. It was alleged that he had pulled a gun on former model Baylee Curan during an argument at a party he was throwing. Baylee claims that Chris pulled the weapon on her following an argument over some jewellery. Chris is adamant this did not happen.

While the police searched the house shortly after his arrest, they were neither able to find the piece of jewellery or weapon. Video footage of the home is now being checked, but lawyers for Brown are confident that the incident would not be seen on the videos because it simply did not happen. They do state that while Baylee and Chris are there, there is no weapon and no piece of jewellery. Despite the lack of evidence, Christ as formally charged on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Since his arrest, Brown has made numerous claims which state that the event did not occur and that any claim that says it did is an effort to deface his character. He is confident that he will not be found guilty of anything. He is just waiting for the right moment to share his side of the story.

On September 22nd, the story took a bit of a turn. There is a claim that child services have visited Brown’s home. It is believed that this was a welfare check on his 2-year-old daughter, Royalty. Chris came out shortly after the news broke stating that it was simply a welfare check and that his daughter is still in his custody. The Department of Children and Family services have yet to make a statement on the visit, although it is unlikely they will do so for privacy reasons.

In a bid to stop further events of this nature happening, Chris has completely changed the way in which he runs his house. From now on, he has instigated a policy that ensures that only pre-approved people can get into his house. He has requested that any friend planning to bring somebody to his party will need to provide a description of the guest beforehand. If he does not like the description of the guest, they will not be allowed to attend.

In addition to this, nobody, bar his close friends will be allowed to bring their own alcohol or drugs to the party. This is a blanket rule to stop further accusations.

It is unknown where this case will head. The claims that we have heard so far, according to Brown’s lawyer, have been made by people who were not even in attendance at the party. This is a very confusing case right now, and it is surprising that there is no more information out there. However, it is likely that more information will come out when Brown attends his first court date, likely to be within the next couple of days.

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